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Non-Ionizing and Ionizing Radiation

Radiation exists across a spectrum from very high-energy (also referred to as high-frequency) radiation to very low-energy (or low-frequency) radiation. This is sometimes referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum.

Examples of high-energy radiation include x-rays and gamma rays. They, as well as some higher energy ultraviolet (UV) rays, are classified as ionizing radiation, which means that they have enough energy to remove an electron from (ionize) an atom. Ionizing radiation can damage the DNA inside cells, which can lead to mutations and the uncontrolled cell growth we know as cancer.

Non-ionizing radiation has enough energy to move atoms around or make them vibrate, but not enough energy to remove electrons. Extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation is at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is a type of non-ionizing radiation associated with electricity.

With most types of radiation, the electric and magnetic fields are coupled. Because they act as one, they are considered together as an electromagnetic field (EMF). With ELF radiation, the magnetic field and the electrical field can exist and act independently, so they are often studied and measured separately. Typically, we use the term “magnetic field” to indicate ELF radiation from a magnetic field, while we use “electric field” to mean ELF radiation from an electric field. ELF radiation has even lower energy than other types of non-ionizing radiation like Radio Frequency, Visible Light, and Infrared. Radio Frequency is a higher frequency associated typically with wireless communication. Although non-ionizing radiation is less energetic than ionizing radiation there are many people who believe it can affect body processes on the cellular level. Information from the American Cancer Society

Less EMF specializes in meters that measure and products that shield/reduce Non-Ionizing Radiation from ELF through Radio Frequency and Microwaves. Non-Ionizing radiation can be measured by meters that measure a specific type of radiation or by combination meters that measure multiple types of radiation. Each type of radiation is shielded or reduced with different products and methods. Low frequency magnetic fields are measured in Gauss or milliGauss (G, mG) and are reduced using specially manufactured solid metals such as Magnetic Shielding Foil and Giron. Low frequency electric fields are measured in Volts per meter (V/m) and are mitigated by grounding. Radio Frequency/Microwave radiation is measured typically in either milliWatts per meter squared (mW/m2) or Volts per meter (V/m) and are shielded using fabrics and paints, such as Nickel Copper Ripstop and Cu-Pro Cote.

Less EMF also carries meters and products for Dirty Electricity, Body Voltage, Ionizing Radiation, Socket Testing, along with many other unique items.

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Less EMF, the EMF Safety SuperStore (owned and operated by NilSci, LLC) is a mail order business specializing in Electromagnetic Safety Products for the home and office. It was started in early 1996, by Dr. Emil DeToffol, out of personal interest and concern for the possible dangers associated with overhead power lines, cellular phones, microwave ovens, police radar and all the electronic radiation which had been increasingly polluting our modern environment.  In 2019, Dr. DeToffol retired after 22 years in business and ownership was transferred to his longtime manager Josh Ryder.  As the world changes and technology develops at a dizzying pace, Mr. Ryder and staff continue to stay true to the company’s original goals and values.

We serve environmentally aware and health conscious adults, and those who are electrically sensitive. Our products are primarily showcased via our printed catalog and website. Our product line has grown to include more than 300 products from manufacturers all over the world. Less EMF is a global leader in the adaptation and development of new products that can assist our customers in the measurement and reduction of electromagnetic fields. Our products are also useful in many niche interests such as education, promotions, paranormal research, audiophile, and miniature motorized car racing, as well as the commercial market and specialized industry. As we continue in our 3rd decade in business, we are determined to remain the leader in our industry, serving both customers and friends.

Dr. Emil DeToffol

Dr. Emil DeToffol

Founder and Owner 1996-2019

Joshua Ryder

Joshua Ryder

Current Owner 2019 - Present

Milestones in our History


1996 - Present


  • Introduced the Sleep Sheet (grounding sheet for the bed) years before it was patented by another company


  • Introduced the ELFLX Detector, a low cost device for locating sources of Electric Fields
  • Introduced GaussMaster. now world-famous, low cost Sauss meter
  • Introduced Trifield range of products


  • Introduced EarthSafe the tunable Schumann Resonance generator


  • Introduced Digital Microwave Oven Leakage Meter to check home ovens for dangerous leakage
  • Introduced MagnetShield for blocking strong magnetic fields
  • Co-developed CellSuard, antenna shield for cell phones
  • Introduced Ex-Static™ fabric, washable static discharge and Earthing fabric
  • Introduced the Low EMF (wall mounted) Hair Dryer
  • Developed the Faraday Canopy. RF shielding canopy for safer sleeping
  • Developed the Safe-Guard Apron, shield for the reproductive area
  • Introduced the Body Voltage Meter
  • Introduced the Shielded Cap. protecting the head from microwaves


  • Introduced the Stetzerier meter and filters for removing dirty electricity


  • Introduced the Low EMF Land line Telephone
  • Introduced CuPro-Cote™ high performance RF shielding paint


  • Developed RF Absorbing Sheet
  • Expanded to Madison Ave, Albany NY


  • Introduced the now-famous K-II Gaussmeter
  • Patented Pace-Alert™, first pacemaker alert for presence of strong EMF
  • Introduced Finemet® magnetic shielding for kHz range frequencies
  • Co-developed Giron flexible magnetic shielding material
  • Introduced VeilShield™ transparent RF shielding mesh fabric
  • Introduced Y-Shield carbon based RF shielding paint
  • Introduced SilverTex® shielding undergarments
  • Developed Skin-Blok™ transparent shielding RF film with adhesive
  • Introduced CobalTex™ first fabric for near-field RF shielding
  • Introduced MuCord™ electric wiring with both electric and magnetic field shielding


  • Developed the EVP Listener, allowing the user to “hear” magnetic field signal frequency and intensity during the hunt for EMF sources
  • Introduced Nuclear Watch, affordable 24/7 monitoring or radioactivity
  • Introduced the Heavy Duty Faraday Canopy for shielding beds from RF radiation


  • Introduced Esmog Scout for detecting EMFand flicker form fluorescent bulbs
  • Introduced 8 GHz RF Meter for detecting RF radiation up to 8 GHz.
  • Introduced the Painless Static Discharger for eliminating painful static shocks
  • Introduced RFID Blocking wallet
  • Introduced the Light Duty Faraday Canopy
  • Developed the Earth Safe Tuning Device


  • Developed the Body Voltage Sensor
  • Introduced the HARApad magneticshield for laptops
  • Introduced ArgenMesh® low cost high performance shielding fabric for clothing
  • Introduced Natura-Shield cotton based RF shielding fabric
  • Introduced Soft&Safe™ bamboo-based RF shielding fabric
  • Developed Balaclava Shield for head RF shielding
  • Developed Radiation Blocking Headband
  • Developed EMF Face Shield


  • Introduced BlocSock™ shielded cell phone pouch
  • Introduced Staticot™ shielding fabric with highly washable stainless steel fibers
  • Introduced Silverell® Hood ie and line of shield ing garments
  • Introduced BlocBag™ shielded sleeping bag
  • Introduced SwissShield line of natural fiber shielding fabrics
  • Developed Brain Coat™ head shielding garment


  • Expanded to 776b Watervliet Shaker Rd, Latham NY
  • Introduced ESI 24 EMF monitor
  • Introduced E-Field Sensor Alarm budget priced E-field detector
  • Developed customizable, transparent Computer A TV Screen Shield
  • Introduced 18 6Hz RF Meter h igh frequency detector


  • Introduced the Datalogging Gaussmeter with PC Interface
  • Introduced the VLF Magnetic Field Probe for monitoring kHz range magnetic fields
  • Introduced Acoustimeter RF meter with audio
  • Developed tunable and calibrated Schumann Signal Generator
  • Introduced RadioClear™ high transparency, high shielding plastic film
  • Introduced EMP Bag shielded pouch
  • Introduced Shielded Poncho and Tent
  • Developed EyeShield™ RF protection for eyes


  • Introduced RF Explorer® brand of RF spectrum analyzers
  • Introduced Mobile Phone Pod, dual shielded phone case
  • Developed first USB Ground Cord
  • Introduced iPad Pouch, shielding for tablets Introduced Belly Band tummy shield for pregnancy
  • Introduced EMF Safety Eye Glasses
  • Introduced shielded Coverallsand Lab Coat
  • Introduced shielded Face Screen
  • Developed first shielding bedding: sheets, pillowcases, and duvet cover


  • Developed WrapTop™ magnetic shielding for laptop base
  • Developed Signal Tamer™ shielded pouch for wifi routers
  • Developed RadiaFence™ free standing microwave barrier
  • Introduced Shielded Outlet A Switchplate covers
  • Introduced HertzCloth™ high conductivity, washable, all natural fabric
  • Developed Stick E Shield™ exceptional shield ing fabric with adhesive backing
  • Introduced Silver Jersey Knit fabric for garments
  • Introduced RayPad™ RF shielding foam cushion
  • Introduced Upper Body Shield, magnetic shielding you can wear
  • Developed Lady’s Fashion Hat with shielded lining
  • Developed Skull Cap shielding spandex dome cap
  • Introduced Hooded Scarf with RF shielding
  • Introduced Dream Canopy portab le faraday m icrowave safety net
  • Developed E-field and magnetically shielded extension and power cords
  • Introduced WaveCage™ to reduce wireless radiation Developed Smart Meter shields


  • Introduced Cruz Cose for cell phones


  • Developed Circuit Breaker Shield kit
  • Developed RF Kill Box™ RF shielded container
  • Developed EMP Can™ magnetic A RF shielded container


  • Developed GoodNight Bag security grade RF shielded pouch
  • Developed Network Cable Ground for shielded internet cable
  • Developed BoDefense™ Shelter RFshielded enclosure
  • Introduced grounding for plants


  • Founder retires, company under new management