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Most Popular
Top of the Line
ESI-24 Combination Meter

ESI 24

Combination meter with great RF sensitivity

$280.00  :  add to cart

Safe and Sound Pro II

Safe and Sound Pro

Sophisticated and Simple

$385.00  :  add Acoustimeter to cart

How do I measure RF: To measure RadioFrequency radiation (what some people mean when they say "RF" or "Microwaves") from wifi (wireless internet or wireless router), cell phones or cell towers, laptops or microwave ovens and Smart Meter Radiation, we use a Radio Frequency Meter. RF meters measure the strength of the radiation at the location of the meter. Because radiowaves are oriented in space, the position of the meter will affect the reading (see discussion of 1 axis vs. 3-axis meters). RF meters can also be used to locate the source of a field, and to measure the performance of radiofrequency shielding.

The main features to consider when choosing an RF meter are:
    - Readout type: lights, sound, numbers, needle gauge
    - Range: how sensitive on the low end, and the upper limit on the high end
    - Axis: 1-axis only, 3-axis only, switchable 1-axis and 3-axis
    - Accuracy: While high accuracy is desirable, it is not often necessary for locating "hot spots".
    - Outputs: voltage output or PC interface for data logging
    - Other features: alarm, memory, spectrum analysis, etc.

Interested in measuring 5G frequencies" See this short discussion of what that involves.

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High Frequency Meter

High Frequency Meter
Directional, Accurate

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Simplicity Without Compromise

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Extended Range High Frequency Meter

Extended Range
High Frequency Meter
Covers Wider Frequency Range

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ESI 24 EMF Monitor

ESI 24 EMF Monitor
Shows All 3 EMF Types at Once

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Smart Meter


Calibrated, Directional, Accurate, Sensitive
This is the Recommend Meter for Checking "Smart Meter" Emissions

High Frequency Meter

We like this calibrated wideband (800 MHz - 2.5 GHz) RF meter because it has a switch which allows a choice of peak or average indication mode. This permits accurate measurement of both digital and analog signals. Two ranges: 1 - 1999 µW/m² (same as 0.1 - 199.9 nW/cm²) and 0.1 - 199.9 µW/m² (same as 0.01 - 19.99 nW/cm²).

In addition, you get a choice of audio tone - none, or intensity proportional to field strength, or proportional to frequency (for analyzing pulsed signals)
- accuracy ±6 dB
- true logarithmic - periodic antenna, 800 MHz - 2.5 GHz, single polarized, included
- standard 9V battery included

The display on the HF35C updates every 0.5 second. The fastest pulse it can detect is 0.5 micro seconds.
When in peak mode, the display averages all peaks within ½ of a second. The average peak is displayed on the display.
In RMS mode it displays the true average of all signals during that ½ second period. This reading is much lower than Peak mode when measuring a digital signal.

With Optional Near Field Antenna this emf meter can be used as a near field meter capable of measuring smart meter shields, router shields and cellphone shields as well as demonstrating the shielding effectiveness of rf shielding fabrics.

Easily detects cell phone towers, cordless phones even microwave oven leaks. Instructions in German and English. The 3 minute YouTube video at right demonstrates how the sounds from this meter help distinguish different sources of RF (video sound starts after 19 seconds).
2 year Warranty. Model HF35C.

Link here to Smart Meter shielding options.

High Frequency Meter (Cat. #A481) ........ $347.00 add to cart

HF35c with Customized Foam Lined Hard Case HF35c with Hard Case

High Frequency Meter with Customized Foam Lined Hard Case

Ultimate Protection for Your Investment

The High Frequency Meter has a large and slightly delicate external antenna. You don't want to drop it! In this offer you get the HF35c meter (shown above), plus the Near Field Antenna, 20 dB Attenuator and the protective locking case. Hard sided and foam lined, customized for a perfect fit. With this combination, you can measure both very strong and very weak signals, in Near Field and Far Field Emissions. Great for smart meters, cellphones, wifi and just about any RF measuring application.

High Frequency Meter with Customized Foam Lined Hard Case (Cat. #A481-kit) ........ $495.00 add to cart

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Extends Dynamic Range of High Frequency Meter

Is the High Frequency Meter too sensitive for your application? This Attenuator reduces sensitivity by a factor of 100 so you can measure stronger RF signals. This is a great emf radiation measurement tool as it will provide a more accurate number as you get closer to smart meter radiation. Changes sensitivity range from 0,1-1999 µW/m² to 10-199,900 µW/m² (equivalent to 0.001-19.99 µW/cm²). Need to go still higher" Stack as many as you like to achieve the desired range. Designed specifically for the High Frequency Meter (Cat. #A481). This 20 decibel attenuator inserts between antenna and meter body.

20 dB Attenuator (Cat. #A485) ...... $69.95 add to cart

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Extended Range High Frequency Meter Extended Range High Frequency Meter


Great for measuring RF Signal Strength

Just like the High Frequency Meter above but examines 27 MHz - 3.3 GHz, with residual sensitivity to 6 GHz. Includes both a directional and an omni-directional antenna. Model HFE35C.

Extended Range High Frequency Meter (Cat. #A483) ........... $795.00 add to cart

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Safe and Sound Pro II

Safe and Sound Pro II

The New Standard, Ready for 5G

A reliable, accurate device, this professional quality meter is made to be extra simple to use! The premium OLED display will simultaneously show you peak, max, and average, along with a bar graph from left to right! Just above the display, there are indicator lights showing "slight, moderate, high, extreme"! Only 3 controls! The switch on the left controls the power, turning the meter and the sound on and off. The switch on the right provides volume control, and the button on the left resets the max reading. Measures with a true plus/minus 6dB response from 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz, and a full response from 200 MHz to 8 GHz, covering 3G, WiFi, 4G, along with low-band and mid-band 5G! Has a Micro USB port to add power and measure continuously! Even has a headphone port so you can listen privately, or hook it into an amplifier for everyone to hear. Uses 2 AA batteries (included). Also includes Building Biology guidlines sheet, certificate of calibration, and a hard shell molle case. 2 year warranty.

  • Range (Peak Display): 0.001 - 2,500,000 µW/m²
  • Battery life: Up to 18 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery, and the speaker off. 15 hours with the speaker on.
  • Size 7 inches high 4.5 inches wide 1.5 inch deep, ; Weight: 10 oz with battery

Safe and Sound Pro II (Cat. #A40491) ............................ $385.00 add to cart

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Safe and Sound Classic

Safe and Sound Classic

Safe and Sound Classic Chart Low-Cost, Easy-use, Still Accurate

Designed for people with EHS, this easy to use device provides reliable detection of RF between 200 MHz and 8 GHz. This is so easy, that no technical experience is required to use it, or interpret the readings. Four simple lights provide detection of RF levels as slight, moderate, high, or extreme. The only control is a switch on the right side turns the device power and sound on or off. It's even designed to produce extra-low emissions from the internal electronics! Includes hard-shell molle case, Building Biology Guidlines sheet, instruciton manual, and certificate of calibration. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included). 2 year warranty.

Safe and Sound Classic (Cat. #A40490) ............................ $149.00 add to cart

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ACOUSTICOM2 Simplicity Without Compromise

A reliable meter with an economy price. Great for checking radiowaves from smart meters, wi-fi, cellphones and towers, and just about every RF source you are likely to encounter at home or in the office. Covers an amazing 200 - 8000 MHz with ±6dB accuracy. 8 LED light bar indicates field strength in V/m so it is very easy to interpret and has a very fast reaction time. Best of all, it has a dual sound feature which you can turn off if you want: Demodulated sounds allow you to hear intensity, and with a small amount of practice, you can determine what type of device is creating the microwave signal. Plus, an "alarm" sounder which emits a pulsing warning at higher exposure levels.

The internal antenna is at the upper back of the case. Signals are best measured when the source is behind the instrument. Uses one 9V battery, included. Pocket sized and light-weight. Perfect for sniffing out wireless surveillance cameras and spy bugs.

  • Range (Peak Display): 0.01 - 6.00 volts per meter (V/m)
  • 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.1 0.3 1.0 3.0 6.0 V/m increments; (0.5 to 100,000 µW/m²)
  • Power draw: 40 to 90 mA (depends on the sound volume)
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous with normal alkaline battery
  • Size (mm): 110 x 63 x 21 (LxWxD); Weight: 140g incl. battery

Acousticom2 (Cat. #A140) ............................ $199.95 add to cart

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RadAware Personal Microwave Exposure Alarm


Personal Microwave Exposure Alarm

Ever walk into a store and wonder how much microwave radiation you are being exposed to" Or how about when you are driving around town, or riding on a bus? Or when passing through an airport? Or when you are visiting a friend? It's not always convenient to carry your RF meter, or maybe it's not safe to keep watching it (especially when driving!). RadAware is not a meter, it is an RF exposure alarm. It sends out an audible tone when you enter an area of radiation. The alarm threshold is adjustable so you can match the device's response to your body's sensitivity. And at every setting, there are 6 levels of alarm: low, low+, medium, medium+, and high, high+ dosage so you can quickly know if you are moving toward or away from a high exposure area.

The most sensitive setting is a tiny 1 µW/m² and the least sensitive is 25,000 µW/m² so you have plenty of flexibility. The sound can be turned off, and there are also 3 LED lights which also indicate the 3 levels of exposure. The main detection frequency range is 200 MHz to 6 GHz. This covers the bands where 5G frequencies will be initially. After about 2020 higher-frequencies (mm-waves) will start to be rolled-out for high-density city areas. If used 24 hrs/day, the battery life is 8-12 days on a standard 9V alkaline battery and about half that on a re-chargeable, provided that it is not regularly sounding an alarm.

RadAware (Cat. #A137) ................ $169.95 add to cart

Video showing how to use this meter

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For RF Measurements Close to the Source Near Field Antenna

Can be used with 6 GHz Basic RF Meter or High Frequency Meter (or other RF meter with SMA connection) to measure the magnetic field component of the signal in the near field (up close to the source of radiation). Useful from 1 MHz to 7 GHz with a high gain averaging 30 dB. Great for checking cell phones, wifi, DECT, Blue Tooth and more. Also useful for checking the near field shielding effectiveness of your shielding items (such as cell phone shields, wifi router guards, Smart meter shields and Computer Monitor Radiation Shields...). SMA connector, 50 Ohm impedence. Meter not included.

Works well with: (may need adapter)
- 6 GHz Basic RF meter
- RF Explorer
- High Frequency Meter
- PC Based Oscilloscope (up to 40 MHz)

Near Field Antenna (Cat. #A198) ............ $49.95 add to cart

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Detects & Displays All 3 EMF Types at Once

The very unique ESI 24 RF Meter checks for all 3 types of EMF Radiation: magnetic fields, electric fields, and radiowaves/microwaves simultaneously. Easy to interpret RED / YELLOW / GREEN LED lights indicate EMF level and are supported by a loudspeaker that gives an audible indication of field strengths. Sound frequency/intensity changes with increasing field strengths. Sound can be turned off if you prefer. Allows for quick and easy localization of the sources of different types of EMF. The display shows 5 different levels, ranging from extremely low (i.e. no significant radiation exposure) to too strong for prolonged exposure and distinguishes how much for each radiation type. Super easy and super sensitive.

Frequency RangeAxis
Magnetic field:16Hz - 3kHz3
Electric Field:16Hz - 3kHz1
Radiowaves:50MHz - 8GHz3
Includes Enhanced RF Mode in which only RF is measured using all 15 LEDs. Gives greater range and greater resolution. Sources detected by ESI 24: cell phone towers, cordless phones, wireless LAN, Wi-Fi systems, power lines, electrical installations and appliances, baby monitors and alarms, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc.

Magnetic field (nT)<2080-120160-200300-400>1000
Electric Field (V/m)<615-2025-3035-40>50
Radiowaves (µW/m²)
2 - 3900 depending on frequency
RF Enhanced Mode (µW/m²)
.06 - 5900 depending on frequency

Operates for about 10 hours on one 9V battery (included). 2 year warranty.

ESI 24 EMF Monitor (Cat. #A498) .................................. $280.00 add to cart

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2.45 GHz Meter for Microwave Ovens

High Precision, Professional Quality

This RF meter is specially designed for measuring or monitoring RF emissions from microwave ovens reliably. Calibrated specifically for the 2.45 GHz frequency range used by ovens.

Measurement range 0 to 1.999 mW/cm² with 0.001 resolution. Built in audible alarm at 1 mW/cm². Best of all, the sensor is located 5 cm (2 inches) from the top of the unit so it completely takes the guesswork out of where to position the meter. Simply touch the top of the meter to the oven door/seal/window and make accurate, repeatable readings. Includes Peak Hold feature to capture the highest reading.

Will also measure 2.45 GHz (±50 MHz) frequencies from other analog signal sources. Has residual sensitivity from 30 MHz to 3 GHz so other frequencies can be detected, but for reference only. Requires one 9V battery. 1 year wty.

2.45 GHz Meter for Microwave Ovens (Cat. #A109) ............. $109.95 add to cart

Exactly how much is a picowatt"

milliWatt = 10-3 Watt
microWatt = 10-6 Watt
nanoWatt = 10-9 Watt
picoWatt = 10-12 Watt
femtoWatt = 10-15 Watt

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