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Would You Put Your Head…


By Gerald Goldberg, MD, 91 pages, paperback, published 2006

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The book starts by examining dosimetry which shows which parts of the body are most sensitive to microwave radiation based on studies done by US Armed Forces. Dosimetry is also predictive of the pattern of injury that one would expect to find. The second chapter explains how microwave radiation produces disease. It examines the mechanisms of disease production in living systems. It also explains how microwave injury manifests as specific organ dysfunction, be it neurological, behavioral, immune, cancer etc. The third chapter demonstrates through the use of graphs a\that the parallel and symmetrical rise of certain illnesses across broad geographic areas suggests a common force acting equally on all these regions. The graphs also demonstrate that it is the rate of increase not the absolute number of cases in a given region that is important. Examines the common link between microwave radiation and seemingly unrelated illnesses. Presented in a clear language that the layman can understand. Liberally referenced from the scientific literature. The book is designed to be generally informative as well as a reference source for the average reader. Even provides a wealth of resources that have been shown to be beneficial to offset the consequences of excess microwave exposure.

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