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Women’s Shielded Half Slip


When Only You Need to Know

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Let’s face it, shielded clothing is not usually very dressy. So, what can you do when you need to dress up and still protect your lower half from radiofrequency radiation? Our Women’s Shielded Half Slip is a comfortable slip on undergarment that can be worn just like any normal half slip. Made entirely from good shielding Naturell fabric, it is cotton-based, washable, and cling free. Elastic waist, off-white color, simple design shields both front and back. Feel normal again wearing regular clothes. 19 inches from waist to hem. Another garment first from Less EMF! Specify size.

Washing Instructions:
1) Hand Wash or Machine Wash on gentle cycle with cold water.
2) Detergent: Use neutral detergent such as TexCare. NO BLEACH or detergent with bleach ingredients.
3) Hang dry.
4) Can iron without steam on low heat.
5) Do not dry clean.