Velostat® Film


“Heavy Weight and Moisture Resistant Shielding Plastic” 36 inches wide, 4 mil thick

SKU: 75234


It’s plain black, shiny and big! Velostat is a very low cost, extra-wide conductive sheet for electric field shielding. Carbon impregnated black polyethylene film. 4 mil thick so it’s really tough and 36 inch wide to cover large projects. Volume resistivity is <500 Ohms/cm which makes this an excellent conductor for a plastic. Conductivity is not affected by humidity or aging. Ground cords can be attached with a simple alligator clip. Use it to line walls, windows, or under your mattress to reduce electric field. Can be heat sealed. Great for wrapping lamp, telephone and computer cords too! 4 mil thick x 36 inch wide.