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UV Flashlight (GrimeLight™)


The Housekeeper’s Helper
Shine the light on dirt and grime. Achieve a new standard of clean!

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Grime Light™ works like a flashlight but emits a powerful 395 nm ultraviolet beam which causes certain organic molecules and minerals to fluoresce bright green, yellow, and orange. Just turn the lights down low. As you sweep your area with Grime Light™, blood, urine, semen & feces, will shine with a distinct and captivating glow. Soap scum splatter, mucous, and some insects (especially scorpions) become painfully obvious… making it possible to clean up and sanitize to a new standard of clean.

GRIMELIGHT™Grime Light™ causes unseen proteins and minerals to fluoresce, making them highly visible. Hidden breeding grounds for germs can be revealed for efficient treatment and thorough removal. Detects organic and mineral deposits that remain on carpet, skin, clothing, glassware, tools, and surfaces that routine cleaning and sanitizing can miss. Very bright, illuminates a wide area.

Ultraviolet light also reveals the security strips in monetary currency, watermarks hidden in bank notes and fluorescent ink and dyes used as anti-counterfeiting. Illuminate scorpions, check hand stamps at clubs, discover pet stain in carpet or upholstery, and scan a crime scene for foreign materials and body fluids. Handy when checking a hotel room for cleanliness!

51 powerful UV LEDs illuminate a large area of bathroom tile, porcelain fixtures, bedspreads, or carpet. Many laundry detergents, tonic water, and automotive antifreeze all fluoresce dramatically and can be used to create “invisible ink” messages. Or apply them to your hands and go about your business. Later, check with Grime Light™ to see contaminated areas. A great teaching tool!

Can be used to inspect hotel or dormitory bathrooms and bedding before use to see if they have been contaminated. The urine of many animals, including dogs, cats and rodents will fluoresce under UV. Use it for currency and stamp watermark verification, gemstone and mineral inspection, scorpion illumination, and much more. Fluorescent inks (invisible inks), cracked glassware, or even crime scenes can be revealed. Not just for home! A must for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities too.

Aluminum body and positive-action switch conveniently located on barrel, not on end-cap for years of rugged service. Uses 3 AA batteries, not included.