Trifield Meter model TF2


Brings The Trifield Meter Into The Digital Age!

SKU: 40150-tf2


The original Trifield meter has been a reliable tool for years, and this new version builds on that legacy. The Trifield Meter Model TF2 tests for EMF pollution in homes, offices, or workplaces, helping you identify and avoid “hot spots”. It’s completely self-contained with no separate parts, combining three meters in one. It provides three-axis measurements for magnetic fields and a very broad frequency response.

Advanced Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Integrates three meters in one device, measuring magnetic, electric, and RF fields.
  • Enhanced Digital Display: Offers precise readings with a new digital interface that’s easy to read.
  • Sensitive RF Measurements: Detects RF frequencies up to 6GHz, also 1000 times more sensitive than previous models.
  • User-Friendly Enhancements: Features a backlight and sound functionality to aid in identifying and locating varying EMF sources.
  • Reliable Readings: Shows both instantaneous and peak readings, providing a detailed overview of EMF levels.

Technical Specifications:

  • AC Magnetic: Sensitivity starts at 0.1 mG; range from 0-100 mG with ±4% accuracy at 50/60 Hz, covering frequencies from 40 Hz to 100 kHz.
  • AC Electric: Begins at 1 V/m; extends to 1000 V/m with ±5% accuracy at 50/60 Hz, frequency range from 40 Hz to 100 kHz.
  • RF/Microwave: Measures from 0.001 mW/m² to 1000 mW/m²; accuracy of ±20% at 1 GHz, from 20 MHz to 6 GHz.

Included in Your Purchase:

  • Comes with an instruction sheet, a 9V battery, and a padded hard case.
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty and proudly made in the USA.

Equip Yourself with the Trifield EMF Meter TF2: Overall, this meter is a simple, cost-effective solution. With its multi-functional capabilities and easy-to-use features, the Trifield EMF Meter TF2 stands as a leader overall in EMF detection and analysis.