Swaddling Sheet


For a Snug and Shielded Baby

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Most Moms throughout history have understood the soothing benefit of swaddling their babies while keeping them both safe and comfortable. In the modern world, the new danger of wireless radiation from cellphones and cordless phones, wifi, and microwave ovens is everywhere. Swaddling Sheet is made from a soft breathable cotton based fabric (similar to cotton bed sheet) with superfine silver fibers (you need a microscope to see them) which adds wireless radiation shielding for maximum peace of mind. A generous 38 inch square which is machine washable and completely baby-safe allows standard swaddling technique. Makes a great baby gift too.
wifi Shielded

Important during the first 60 days of a newborn’s life.
Swaddling mimics the feeling of being in the womb, allowing the child to feel safe and secure throughout the day without feeling alone.
Helps the baby to stay put which helps both the child and mother sleep more soundly.
Made in USA from Swiss fabric.
Material: Washable, durable, hypoallergenic, shielding cotton fabric without chemicals, interwoven with microscopic Silver wire to form the protective radiation barrier