Super Safety Scarf


Lightweight Yet High Stregnth Shielding

SKU: 21208


Introducing the High Shielding RF Scarf, a fashion-forward accessory designed to keep you safe from electromagnetic fields. This mesh-style scarf is not just about style; it’s about substantial RF shielding, providing peace of mind with its strong protective properties.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional EMF Protection: Crafted with a strong shielding material that offers more than 50 dB reduction in RF from 30 MHz to 3 GHz, and 30 dB for higher frequencies up to 40 GHz.
  • Versatile and Stylish: Measures approximately 56″ x 12″, making it a versatile choice for various styling options. Wrap it around your neck or drape over your shoulders to enhance any outfit while staying protected.
  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the USA, ensuring that each scarf meets high standards of quality and effectiveness.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Gentle Care: Hand wash at 104°F with TexCare in distilled or RO water. Avoid bleach and harsh chemical detergents.
  • Drying Instructions: Hang dry only; do not wring or iron to preserve the fabric’s protective properties and appearance.

Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply enjoying a day out, the High Shielding RF Scarf is your perfect companion, offering significant protection against electromagnetic fields without compromising on style. It’s an ideal choice for those who value both safety and fashion.

Step out with confidence and elegance with the High Shielding RF Scarf, blending cutting-edge EMF protection with chic design.