Stetzer Filter


Stetzerizer Filters Remove RF Pollution from Household Wiring

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Introducing the Stetzer Filter, a breakthrough in dirty electricity filtering for wiring technology. Dr. Martin Graham, a renowned expert from UC Berkeley, designed this system. It targets those suffering from electrical sensitivity symptoms. Headaches, fatigue, and depression can stem from high-frequency EMF pollution. Appliances like hair-dryers and dimmer switches are common culprits.

The HF EMPOR kit includes 20 Stetzer Filters for dirty electricity suppression. Simply plug them into your outlets to cut down on pollution. Users often report quick symptom relief after use. These filters also aim to lower your utility bills. They won’t affect your electronics’ performance. Installation is straightforward, eliminating the need for electricians. Plus, you can easily move them as needed.

This dirty electricity filter for wiring is not a bio-energetic device. It uses special circuitry to clear high-frequency pollution from your wiring. Ideal for average-sized spaces, one kit should suffice. Larger areas or homes with many EMF sources might need more. Note: This kit fits 60 Hz, 120V North American outlets only.