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Attractive Peel-and-Stick RF Shielding

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Want shielding that is more decorative? Want to block light? Want easy to install? Skin-Blok shielding contact film is the answer. Good shielding for wireless radio frequency (wifi), shield cellphone cases and smart meter shielding. Light-weight and waterproof, it wipes clean with a damp sponge.

Skin-Blok”Orange peel” type texture hides irregularities in the wall and makes seams almost disappear. Can be left exposed for a high-tech look, or cover over it with wall paper, curtains or a wall hanging. Can also be attached to the back of a headboard, mirror or picture. Place it on a door, window, or any other fairly rigid surface. Could even be used as a backsplash. You can even line small enclosures for your wireless routers, cellphones, medications or homeopathic remedies, etc.

Simply trim to size with scissors, clean the surface well, and peel and stick it in place like contact paper. Mild adhesive, allows repositioning or removal if you change your décor. Surface is poorly conductive. 20-25 dB attenuation. For indoor use only.

You get a roll that is 24 inch wide x 16 feet long, 2 color options: silver or gold.