Silver Lining T-Shirt


Gain Control of Your Inner Environment

SKU: 21205


Light, comfortable undergarments you can wear alone, or over your regular underwear to shield yourself from microwave, radar, and TV radiation. This silver mesh is a plated, stretchable, washable nylon mesh fabric that is electrically conductive. It reflects radiation. Plus you won’t get those static shocks as you used to in dry weather and your clothes won’t cling to you! This piece of EMF protection clothing provides 40-50 dB from at least 30 MHz to 3 GHz. Surround what you want to protect! Made in USA. Specify desired size: XS, S M L XL XXL

Hand wash (104°F) with TexCare in distilled or RO water, do not use bleach or chemical detergents. Do not wring. Hang dry only. Do not iron.