Signal Tamer – WiFi Router Radiation Shield


Adjustable shielding pouch for Wi-Fi Routers, reduces EMF radiation emissions

SKU: 50220


Signal Tamer increases router safety by significantly reducing wireless radiation emissions. It slashes radiation by 90-95% while keeping your internet speed unaffected. The special fabric mesh design promotes airflow and simplifies setup—no need to pause your internet.

This innovative shield also decreases your router’s signal reach, boosting network security and blocking access from neighbors. It’s perfect for areas near workspaces or relaxation spots. The product, measuring 10×16 inches, provides complete router coverage. For less shielding, simply adjust by opening a small slot at the bottom. This flexibility lets you fine-tune signal strength and radiation protection.

Moreover, Signal Tamer secures your digital space by shrinking Wi-Fi range, thus warding off cyber threats. With easy customization and no compromise on internet speed, it’s an essential tool for anyone looking to minimize wireless radiation in their environment.