Shielded Network Cable


Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Stranded Copper Patch Cord with Molded Snagless Plug

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Cat 7 cable is like Cat 5 and Cat 6, only faster. And this Cat 7 cable is shielded, both to keep interference out of the cable, and to block electric field and RF emissions from the cable. Simply plug it in for worry-free internet connection between your computer and the modem/router. Cable connection is both faster than wireless and more secure. Now, just turn off the wireless at the modem and at the computer for a radiation free internet connection! 26AWG, 600MHz SSTP(PIMF) Select your desired length. Colors may vary, depending on availability.

Attention MacBook Users:
Apple is making their products more proprietary and are doing away with many standardized ports.
These include audio ports, ethernet ports, and even usb ports.
Audio and Ethernet may be replaced by lightning wire. USB are being upgraded to USB-C.
For this reason, you may need an adapter to use these products. Our USB to Ethernet Adapter will work for most computers.
For most iOS devices, the Lightning to Ethernet and USB Adapter will work well.