Shielded Cap


Smart and Subtle

SKU: 21210


Experience peace of mind with our stylish Shielded Cap. This baseball-style, RF shielded cap not only looks great but also serves a crucial function, protecting your brain from radiofrequency radiation. The Shielded Cap is engineered to shield your head from a wide range of frequencies at nearly 40 dB(99%) up to 40 GHz.

Our RF shielded cap is crafted from a blend of Cotton/Polyester and micro-fine stainless steel fibers. The fabric is not only comfortable and durable but also highly effective at reflecting harmful radiation. Regular exposure to RF radiation has been linked to various behavioral and cellular disturbances. By wearing our shielded cap, you provide your brain with a quiet zone, free from RF interference, enhancing your mental clarity and well-being.

Features a Velcro adjustable strap, ensuring a perfect fit for all sizes. Adjusts from 50 cm to 63 cm (19.75 in to 25 in) circumference. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your style. Proudly made in the USA.

Washing Instructions:

  • Hand washable
  • Use a mild soap, no bleach
  • Line dry