Shielding Foam Cushion great for RF gasketing


RayPad is a highly conductive, robust spongy foam for RF shielding with superior performance. Easily compressible, so it makes an excellent gasket seal, or smart push button switch, it can be cut with a blade or scissors, or stamped to any shape you desire. Great for under the bed or as a cushioned RF surface for your work bench or in front of the kitchen sink when washing dishes. Conductive on both surfaces and through the material. Surface conductivity: 0.05 Ohm per square. Volume resistivity: 8 mOhm. Polyurethane foam is Nickel and Copper internally metal loaded, providing years of corrosion resistant duty. Rated at 100-139 dB. Our highest performing RF shield! Tolerates from -20 to 60°C. 56 cm (22 inch) wide, 3.4 mm (1/8 inch) thick. Gray.RayPad™

The material is highly conductive. DO NOT allow it to come in contact with electric wires, outlets or switches. Cover nearby outlets with child safety caps. Does not contain flame retardant, use caution around open flames and heat sources.