Personal Microwave Exposure Alarm

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Ever walk into a store and wonder how much microwave radiation you are being exposed to? Or how about when you are driving around town, or riding on a bus? Or when passing through an airport? Or when you are visiting a friend? It’s not always convenient to carry your RF meter, or maybe it’s not safe to keep watching it (especially when driving!). RadAware is not a meter, it is an RF exposure alarm. It sends out an audible tone when you enter an area of radiation. The alarm threshold is adjustable so you can match the device’s response to your body’s sensitivity. And at every setting, there are 6 levels of alarm: low, low+, medium, medium+, and high, high+ dosage so you can quickly know if you are moving toward or away from a high exposure area.

The most sensitive setting is a tiny 1 µW/m² and the least sensitive is 25,000 µW/m² so you have plenty of flexibility. The sound can be turned off, and there are also 3 LED lights which also indicate the 3 levels of exposure. The main detection frequency range is 200 MHz to 6 GHz. This covers the bands where 5G frequencies will be initially. After about 2020 higher-frequencies (mm-waves) will start to be rolled-out for high-density city areas. If used 24 hrs/day, the battery life is 8-12 days on a standard 9V alkaline battery and about half that on a re-chargeable, provided that it is not regularly sounding an alarm.