Power Strip with Switch


Easy Way to Switch Off Power Completely

SKU: 60314


It’s no secret that every appliance with an illuminated LED (stereo, TV, oven, dishwasher, router, etc.) is never really OFF. If the 24/7 draw of “vampire power” adding to your utility bill isn’t enough of a bother, those appliances are also producing (sometimes very high levels of) EMF emissions. You can pull the plug to solve this problem, but that isn’t always easy, and it puts a lot of wear and tear on both the plug and outlet. This power strip converts a standard grounded outlet receptacle into either 4 or 6 grounded outlets and features a lighted on/off switch with built-in circuit breaker to protect against overloads. Flip the switch and the power to all those things which are plugged in goes completely dead. No EMF, period. Add a timer if you want it to come on and off automatically. It’s also a great way to make room for Stetzer Filters. Saves money on power usage too!

Electrical Rating: 15A / 125V / 1875W
UL/CSA Certified
4 or 6 Outlets
Oriented cross-wise or length-wise respectively
3 foot cord
North American plug style only

Colors may vary from picture