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“Reflects up to 99% of Microwave Radiation Away from Your Body”

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So you are careful about NOT putting your radiation emitting mobile near your head. That’s good. But think about this: what body parts get the radiation when you put the thing on your pocket, bra, hat, purse, holster or elsewhere on your body? Now your vital and sometimes private organs are basically in contact with the source of the microwaves, getting the largest dose possible. Pocket Patch is a high performance shielding patch that you iron onto your clothing which reflects that radiation away from your body.

Simply invert the pocket, trim that patch to size if needed, peel and stick into place. Nothing to remember and nothing to lose. Just make sure the patch is positioned between you and the phone. Laboratory tested, the Pocket Sticker deflects up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from the body.

Can be used in jacket, shirt or pants pockets, holsters, bras, purses and other places where you keep your phone.

Pocket Sticker fabric: 90% cotton, 9.5% copper and 0.5% silver
Dimensions: 16cm x 10cm (6.25″ x 3.9″)
Advanced, high quality fabric and adhesive
Friendly on the skin, washable, durable and comfortable
Care Instructions: Machine wash, cold water. No bleach.
Do not dry clean.
Each package contains 3 patches. Get enough for your wardrobe. Makes a great gift too!