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Pocket PF Meter


Super Simple and High Accuracy



The PF5 is our newest power-frequencies detector. The PF5 measures electric and magnetic EMFs from house wiring, including those from appliances at home or at work. covering frequencies from 20 Hz to well over 50 kHz. This enables the PF5 to measure the higher frequency electric and magnetic fields emitted by induction cooking hobs, solar-panel inverters, ‘energy-saving’ compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps and LED lights. These are amongst the most concerning new sources of our electromagnetic field exposures as the currents they induce in your body are proportional to the frequency. So a magnetic field at 24000 Hz (24 kHz) will induce 400 times more current in your body compared with same strength of field at 60 Hz. Induction hobs, in particular, induce some of the highest internal electric currents in your body in the VLF frequency range. Such currents have been shown to significantly affect the nervous system. The PF5 is an easy to use, pocket sized, accurate, power-frequencies meter which is ideal for carrying around. It measures both electric and magnetic fields. One button operation. Clear level indication with colored LED lights. So simple!

Technical specifications:

A line of coloured LEDS shows the level
Electric fields range: 5 – 200 V/m
Magnetic fields range: 0.2 – 20 mG
Resolution: 8 LEDs plus 7 middle points
Accuracy: 50 to 2000 Hz ±10%
Accuracy: 20 to 50000 Hz ±3 dB; with a useable extended response from 15 Hz – 70 kHz
Battery: 9V Alkaline or Rechargeable
Battery life: 25 hours (normal alkaline)
Low battery (6.7V) shown by red V/m LED
What is unique about this meter? magnetic and electric field in one meter, super easy to use, lighted, good accuracy