Painless Static Discharger


Eliminates Painful Shocks When Grounding Your Body

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Your body is always trying to discharge excess body voltage. When you have a high body voltage and you touch a source of ground, like an automobile or grounded sheet or canopy, you can get a shock as the electrons move quickly to neutralize your body. While it is a good thing to discharge, the sting of the shock is not. Hold the Painless Static Discharger in your hand while you touch the ground source and the shock is eliminated. Discharge still occurs, as you can tell because the Discharger will light up. Touch it to any grounded metal object like a car, desk, water pipe, Earthing Pad, or bronze statue. LED display indicates when discharging has occurred. Clears up the static hazard within 0.2 seconds! Streamlined design, comfortable to hold. Includes keychain ring and completely discrete, only 2½ inches long. Good up to 25,000V! Non-electric, no battery needed!