Osun Sun Mate (SM0010)


Sunburn UV Warning Meter

SKU: 40905


This neat little device can alert you when the intensity of Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays exceeds dangerous limits so you can take proper steps to protect your skin and eyes. Perfect for outdoor activities in all seasons and all weather conditions! Take it to a ski get-away, a play date in the park, or a sunny day on the beach!

SunMate stands out from other UV detectors on the market:
• Affordable high end UV detector covering full spectrum of UV rays (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C).
• Fit for all weather conditions, sunny, cloudy, even snowy days.
• Superior Accuracy! Advanced photo-diode technology (specially for UV) ensures accurate reading of UV. Note that inaccurate readings can cause sunburns too!
• Simplicity! With Safe/Caution/Warning lights, you can use it without any technical background.
• Weighing only 0.7 oz and the size of a pack of gum, easy to attach to a key chain or carry in your pocket/purse.
• Durable for years of usage instead of one time use.

With best quality yet affordable price, SunMate is your choice for accurate and speedy UV detection for your family!

Indications (by UV Index):

0 – 2   No Light
2 – 4   Green (Safe)
4 – 7   Yellow (Caution)
7 +     Red (Warning)