Non-Metallic BoDefense Frame Kit


“PVC Fittings to Make Your Own Frame without Metal”

SKU: 30950


Sometimes it’s just better to avoid a metallic frame. Our Non-Metallic BoDefense Frame Kit allows you to build an all plastic frame with 1 inch PVC pipe that you can easily obtain locally. It includes all the fittings, clamps and feet you need, as well as full instructions. Snaps together without tools, light-weight, and customizable to various configurations. Simply buy your PVC pipe, cut it to length, and push the pieces together. Cuts way down on shipping too as you don’t pay to ship 8 foot long section of pipe! Can be used with any size BoDefense, BoDeFense Mini, or a shield of your own creation.

Kit includes all of this:

4x 3-Way Corner fittings
4x Flat Foot Caps
4x Screw Down Foot Caps
8x T-clip for cross supports
16x Snap clamps to hold fabric to frame
1x Instructions

You need to purchase some shielding fabric such as Daylite or High Performance Silver Mesh to drape over the frame, unless you get one of the pre-made BoDefense enclosures listed above.