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MW Absorber Fabric


Laminated with plastic coating for easier handling or Un-Laminated

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Carbon is conductive in some forms, and a very good microwave absorber. Using non-woven nearly-pure carbon fibers, to achieve both good microwave shielding and high RF absorption, this unique material has the following specifications:

Width: 48 inch (1219 mm)
Thickness: 18 mil (0.445 mm) without Laminate, 26 mil (0.64 mm) with Laminate
Resistivity: ~3 Ohms per square (but surface is not conductive due to laminate)
Tensile: 47 N/15mm
MW Absorbing Sheet Performance We are pleased to offer this improved version of our very low cost microwave absorber sheet. This version is plastic (polypropylene) laminated on both sides. This gives better durability and easier handling. Dust is reduced and skin contact is not a problem. Eliminates annoying reflection. Very unique!

Application Notes:
1- Double or triple the layers of MW Absorbing Sheet to increase effectiveness.
2- To create a super high RF performance enclosure, you can combine a layer of this Microwave Absorber material with a layer of a high performance fabric shield such as Pure Copper Polyester or Nickel Copper Ripstop to provide the highest RF shielding. Line the inside of the shield with Absorber… it will scavenge any RF which might leak in.
3- Grounding is not necessary with this material.
4- Minimize repeated bending/flexing of this material

Super light weight. Can be used to line walls and containers, make drapes or partitions. Does not permit air circulation, minimal light penetration.

48 inch wide, but surface is non-conductive due to laminate. Request roll shipping if you need to avoid creases from folding.