Mirror Style RF Shield


Both a Useful Mirror and Excellent RF Shield

SKU: 75747


Shielding does not have to be ugly. These reflective shielding tiles reduce radiofrequency radiation (wifi, cellphone, smart meters and more) by 90%. Arrange them in any pattern you like, making sure to minimize gaps between the tiles. Can be placed on the back of a picture, poster, or headboard too! Each tile is somewhat flexible, so it can accommodate slightly curved surfaces. Could even be adhered to the back of a cellphone or bottom of a laptop… almost anywhere your creativity will let you imagine.

Sometimes you need radiofrequency shielding that looks nice too. And what could look nicer than a good quality mirror finish” These large format (2 x 3 foot) rigid panels can be used to shield smart meters, wi-fi, and cellphone radiation. Provides about 99% signal reduction through the shield. Water tolerant so it can be used outdoors or in wet or damp environments like bathrooms, saunas, pools, basements etc.

Square edges so you can easily butt pieces together to cover a larger area. Easy to clean, shatter resistant acrylic (not dangerous glass). Can be mounted with a strong 2-sided tape, screws, mirror mounts, or even frame it like a picture! You can drill holes in it and even cut it down if you need to. Beautify and protect.

Weight: 7.6 pounds
Size: 24 x 36 inch x ¼ inch thick