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A Small, USB connected Magnetometer

DC Magnetometer for Your PC

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Whether you need low cost, compact design, small probe head, or extensive data logging, MicroMag has it all. Completely auto ranging form 1G to 19,999G with 1G resolution and 10% accuracy. You can even adjust the sampling rate from 4 times per second to anything slower.

Three foot cable terminates in a tiny sensor which can easily fit in a .060 inch (1.5 mm) gap. The sensor tip can be bent if required for a variety of situations. Place the sensor on a magnet face to measure the field. With a resolution of 1 Gauss, it can measure small variations from magnet to magnet or it can detect if a given magnet has lost strength. Plug the unit into your Windows PC USB port to begin reading and recording fields (updates up to 4 times per second). Minimal setup required. No batteries needed, powered by USB port.

Free software download*. Fast, easy, and cost effective!
•Windows 10
•Windows 8.1
•Windows 7 Service Pack 1
•Windows XP Service Pack 3