Magnetic Shielding Foil


The best material available for shielding DC, ELF & VLF Magnetic Fields

SKU: 72276


Discover our high permeability magnetic field shielding foil. It’s made of 80% Nickel alloy, perfect for home and office. This foil shields electronic parts from EMFs in industrial settings. Now, it’s affordable for you. The foil is thin (0.004″) and easy to use. Cut and shape it with scissors.

Use it on phones, microwaves, and more for protection. It fits snugly and reduces magnetic fields by up to 75% or more. Add more layers for stronger shielding. This is the best material for shielding weak to moderate fields or small areas. If shielding larger areas, or stronger fields (neodimium magnets), we suggest G-Iron.

Customization available for industrial applications.

A gaussmeter can help you place and shape the foil right. This ensures the best protection.


The foil’s edges are sharp. Handle with care.