Mag-Stop Plates


Flat surface magnetic shielding for large or small areas

SKU: 72277


Now achieve excellent and affordable magnetic shielding in difficult situations! Mag- Stop Plates are extra thick high-efficiency magnetic alloy (Mumetal®) plates, specially designed to provide superior shielding for electric circuit boxes, side by side computer users, and any situation where you need a flat shielding material on a wall, floor, or ceiling. Can be mounted with ordinary nails or screws, or sandwiched between the studs and dry-wall. Use zinc chromate primer before painting. In one application, we were able to achieve almost 95% attenuation of a 200 mG field!

The 24″ wide “stress annealed” plates offer good magnetic shielding and are also well-suited for forming into complicated shapes. The 30″ wide “fully hydrogen annealed” plates offer the best shielding available (up to 10 times the shielding effectiveness of stress-annealed alloy) and should not be soldered, welded, or heated in any way. Hydrogen annealed plates have 2 small holes pre-drilled near one end which may be used for mounting. Because of size and weight, additional shipping charges apply.