Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation


by Jim Waugh, pages 234, paperback, published 2010

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Different than most books on the subject because it discusses the theory and background behind EMR in Part 1 and then explains what the reader can do to reduce his or her exposure in Part 2. It is a well-researched book that explains complex terms and issues clearly in a very readable form.

It gives simple, do-able steps for testing your living environment to reduce the risks of developing EMR sensitivities and diseases. Numerous recommendations assist the reader in using electrical and wireless technologies safely.

  Living Without Electricity
Topics addressed in Part 1

  • What EMR is, where it comes from and the reasons for concern
  • How EMR impacts the human body
  • Explanations of EMR terminology
  • Impact on the natural environment
  • Wireless networks and power transmission lines
  • Cellphones
  • Geomagnetic energy
  • Roles of government and industry

Topics addressed in Part 2

  • Safe exposure standards
  • Building or renovating an electromagnetic safe home
  • Toxic chemicals and EMR
  • Electromagnetic home investigation
  • Real estate pre-commitment investigation
  • EMR in passenger vehicles
    Appendices and a bibliography list source of people, materials, tools and reference material. Paperback. 2010, 234 pages.