Line Noise Meter, 110/220V


See and Hear the Dirty Electricity in Your Wiring

SKU: 40148-110


Dirty electricity is a mixture of high frequency signals that travel on the wiring of your building. Studies have shown that it can affect our biology in negative ways.

This meter measures the dirty electricity and gives both a number (in mV) and sound which tells a lot about the strength and frequency of the dirty signal. Very easy to use, just plug it into your outlet. Requires no batteries.

The sound output is demodulated, so you will know if you are picking up an AM radio station, and with some practice you can distinguish various sources of dirty electricity (such as dimmer switches or AC adapters) by the unique sound they make.

Comes with N American plug, but can be used anywhere in the world (on single-phase circuits) with simple outlet adapters. Make sure you select the proper voltage version. Covers 10 KHz – 10 MHz.

Bonus: display shows both the level of dirty electricity and the normal line voltage, so you can see if your normal voltage is high, low, normal or fluctuating.

Operating Voltage: 85-250 VAC 50/60 Hz
Voltage Accuracy: +/- 1 VAC
Dirty Electricity Range: 1-1999 mVAC (differential)
Dirty Electricity Accuracy: +/- 5% @ 1MHZ; +5% to -50% @ 10 KHz TO 10MHz
Size: 5.2 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches; 132 x 91 x 41 mm
Weight: 8 oz