Less EMF Travel Pack


Ready To Go! Where ever you go.

SKU: 30620


Introducing the ultimate solution for EMF shielding for travel: the Protective Travel Pack. Designed for those with EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) or anyone concerned about EMF exposure while on the move, this travel kit combines essential protection tools into one compact, easy-to-carry package.

The Protective Travel Pack includes:

  • Travel Blanket: Crafted from high-strength bamboo shielding material. Available in Pink or Black, and in sizes Regular or XLarge.
  • Tan Shielded Cap: Our popular cap offers head protection.
  • Fabric Grounding Wrist Strap: Connects to various objects for grounding.
  • eyeShield: Provides rest for your eyes and additional protection.
  • Goodnight Bag: Quiets smartphones, ensuring a peaceful environment.

All these items fit neatly into our new Deluxe Instrument Case, ensuring minimal space usage. Whether you’re visiting family over the holidays or traveling for work, this pack helps you stay shielded from EMF radiation wherever you go.