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Less EMF Travel Pack


Ready To Go! Where ever you go.

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All the emf protection you need in one easy to go travel kit.

The holidays have always been a time that we spend with our loved ones, even if they don’t live nearby. Traveling with EHS is not an easy task. The Protective Travel Pack can help!

Combine our Travel Blanket, made from high strength bamboo shielding material, with our ever-popular Tan Shielded Cap. Throw in a Fabric Grounding Wrist Strap that can connect to anything, the eyeShield to rest your eyes, and a Goodnight Bag to quiet those smart phones and you can stay WELL protected anywhere you go! Even better, it all fits our new Deluxe Instrument Case so it doesn’t take up too much room!

Choose the color and size of the Travel Blanket, Pink, Black,  Regular or XLarge.