Less EMF Travel Blanket


a very durable Shielding Blanket you can take anywhere

SKU: 30600


The RF shielding Travel Blanket is the perfect companion to guard against radiofrequency radiation. Whether you are traveling or staying at home, our high shielding Less EMF Travel Blanket is a must have. Keep one in your car, have another in your bedroom and always take one when you travel.

The RF shielding Travel Blanket reduces over 99.84% of RF and microwave radiation. Offers strong RF shielding while the material is very soft and comfortable against the skin. Made from 70% bamboo fiber, 25.5% Nylon, and 4.5% Silver.

This blanket is not only for RF protection, you can connect a ground cord to use as a grounding mat as well.

Caring for the blanket is easy. Wash it in cold water. Do not use bleach. This keeps the blanket effective and in good condition. We recommend handwashing or on a gentle cycle.