Hooded Long Sleeve


Great Shielding for your Head and Torso with a Natural Look and Feel

SKU: 20530


Comfortable and classic, this attractive Hooded Long Sleeve T-Shirt is made with a cotton/nylon blend, woven with silver coated nylon fibers. The material has been tested between 10MHz and 4 GHz and shields radiofrequencies at 45 dB. A great way to protect your upper body. Pairs nicely with the Less EMF Beanie or Less EMF Performance Pants. Available in gray, black, blue or pink. Made in the USA.

Washing Instructions:
1) Check your water quality. Poor water quality will damage silver. In particular, high concentrations of sulfur, fluoride, chlorine, or low pH will destroy conductivity and shielding performance. To test your water, soak a small swatch in tap water for 1 hour. Watch for color change in the water or the material, especially blackening. If there is any color change to either the water or the material, use distilled or reverse osmosis water instead.
2) Water temperature must be below 40°C/104°F.
3) Detergent – Use neutral detergent such as TexCare. NO BLEACH or detergent with bleach ingredients.
4) Hand Wash Only! Do not wring.
5) Hang to dry promptly after washing, do not leave in blazing sun.
6) Keep in mind that washing will eventually degrade silver, and discoloration over time is normal.