HertzCloth Fabric


High Conductivity and All Natural Materials

SKU: 11216


We get asked all the time for a good shielding fabric which:
Safe for direct skin contact
Highly conductive and good for grounding
Good for shielding radio waves and microwaves
Made with all natural materials
Reasonable cost
Finding all these qualities in one material is no small task, until now. HertzCloth is all this and more! Made with pure cotton and stainless steel fibers, that’s it. No flame retardant, no colorings. One side is primarily metal (gray side) and the other side is primarily cotton (white side). Cuts and sews with ordinary scissors and thread. Excellent choice for emf clothing, emf shielded bedding, rf blocking drapes, furniture covers and more.

Resistivity: 300-400 Ohms per square
Shielding performance: >30 dB over common RF frequencies.
30% 316L stainless steel, 70% cotton
180 g/m²
Thickness: 0.3 mm
Width: 59 inch

1) Softly wash by hand, with neutral detergent (Don’t use any strongly alkaline detergent such as washing powder).
2) Water temperature below 40 centigrade degrees.
3) No bleach, do not use detergent with bleach ingredients.
4) Do not wring, do not hang in blazing sun for a long time, and pick up promptly from the water to dry.