Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity


By Gary Patera, 150 pages, paperback, published 2012

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“A cure for one. Hope for many? Our hearts go out to all who are experiencing the daunting challenges resulting from these afflictions. We have done our best to share the knowledge we gained from accomplishing a complete and lasting healing for my wife. Our deepest wish is others will find the treatment plan offered in this book will lead to their own healing.”-Gary and Sue

Imagine living a busy and active life and then have it come to a screeching halt because of extreme chemical sensitivity coupled with electromagnetic sensitivity. That is what happened to the woman who is the subject of this book. She experienced these sensitivities to such an extreme she was not physically able to be in a room with lights, television or a computer and could not be near anyone with cologne, perfume, fabric softener on their clothes, or a cell phone.

Is there a cure for such an illness? The doctors that were consulted said there was not, and they had nothing to suggest to treat her disease. She and her husband were on their own to find a cure and did not know which way to turn.