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Hall Effect Gaussmeter IDR309


Intermediate Field Strength Range

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Versatile enough to classify magnets, measure residual magnetism, and check fields from DC circuits. Also has sensitivity to low frequency AC magnetic fields.

High linearity and high accuracy (3%) with residual sensitivity up to 10 Hz. 4 ranges: 2, 20, 200, 2000 Gauss. 3½ digit display, yields 1 mG resolution (on lowest scale). Rugged detachable probe on 3.5 ft inch cable.

200 mV DC recorder output permits data logging/recording.

Includes a 9V battery plus AC adapter, reference magnet, and padded hard case. Made in USA. Two year mfr warranty. Choose transverse, ultra-thin (.020 inch) transverse, axial probe, or combination. Sensor size is .04 x .08 inch.