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Ground Cord w/ Plug




These grounding cords have to be the easiest way to connect to ground. Whether you want to ground an Earthing mat, conductive cloth, drapes, shielding garment or anything else, simply plug the molded 3-prong plug (N. American) into a properly wired and grounded outlet and attached the other end of your choice to the item you wish to ground. The plug to gator is our most popular method of grounding or earthing, however we offer several other ends to our grounded plug.

Molded 3-prong safety plug on one end, variety of connection options on the other. 12 feet long.

  • Plug to Gator
  • Plug to Clamp
  • Plug to Ring
  • Plug to Bare Wire
  • Plug to USB
  • Plug to RJ45 (Ethernet)

Only the round ground lug is connected to the wire. The two flat blades are there simply to help hold the plug in the socket. 12 feet long. 18 ga stranded wire. No resistor.