GQ EMF-390 Combination Meter


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Designed to be portable, the EMF-390 has more features than any other device in its class. Turning it on, you get a nice, clear reading for low frequency magnetic fields, low frequency electric fields, and high frequency RF all at the same time. This 3 channel display also rotates, allowing one reading to be larger! Auto-rotation when you turn the meter on it’s side acts just like a smart phone, rearranging itself for a side view! Getting into the alternate modes, we get an auto-ranging spectrum analyzer, RF power browser to see pulses, and even tables for you low frequency measurements. Very complete, 3-axis combination meter, at an extremely low-cost! It even has a real-time clock!

Technical specifications and features:

3-Axis magnetic field measurements
Magnetic fields range: 0.00 – 500 mG
Magnetic field resolution: 0.1 mG
Electric fields range: 0 – 1000 V/m
Electric field resolution: 1 V/m
Radiofrequency Range: 0.02 – 9999 mW/m²
Radiofrequency resolution: 0.2 µW/m²
RF Frequency Range: up to 10 GHz
3 band spectrum analyzer
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Battery life: about 24 hours
Audible buzzer alarm
Visual alarm: Green/Red LED
1 Mbyte of internal flash memory for datalogging
Molle carrying case and lanyard
USB cord for communication and recharging the battery
Downloadable user guide and datalogging software.
What is unique about this meter? built in spectrum analyzer, super easy to use, lighted, good accuracy