FW Bell 4180 – Refurbished


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The Refurbished ELF Gaussmeter FW Bell 4180 is a lightweight and self-contained gaussmeter, perfect for both commercial and home use. This device stands out for its precision in measuring ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic fields.

Key Features:

  • High Measurement Accuracy: Ensures basic accuracy of greater than 4mG between 40-80Hz at +/- 2% + 1 digit
  • Broad Frequency Response: Delivers accurate responses within +/-5% from 30 to 2KHz. Handles a wide range of applications.
  • Dynamic Display Update: Provides two readings per second, keeping you constantly updated with real-time measurements.

Versatile Measurement Capabilities:

  • Extensive Range: Measures magnetic fields from 0.1 to 599 mG and 0.01 to 59.9 uT, accommodating a variety of measurement needs.
  • Fine Resolution: Offers a minimum resolution of 0.1 mG / 0.01 uT for detecting subtle variations in magnetic fields.

Power Options and Portability:

  • Battery and USB Powered: Operates on 4 AAA batteries for portability or can be powered through a USB interface for continuous measurement (USB cable not included).

Ideal for users seeking a cost-effective yet reliable tool for ELF magnetic field measurement, the FW Bell 4180 refurbished model is an excellent choice for technicians, researchers, and health-conscious individuals.

Enhance your measurement capabilities with the Refurbished ELF Gaussmeter – FW Bell 4180, where functionality meets affordability.