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RF Shielding for the Fashion Conscious Man or Woman

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Protecting the vital organs of the chest and abdomen from microwave radiation is now both stylish and comfortable. Adjustable tie in the back to give that tapered look. Washable fabric is 30% stainless steel fibers, 60% cotton and 10% polyester providing over 50 dB of shielding performance, approximately 20 dB in ungrounded garment format. Reflects cellphone, wifi, and other wireless signals. Great at work, after work, and on the weekends too. Gray color goes well with most outfits. $99.95 each. The XL size is 63 cm long, with a 102 cm chest. The XXL is 65 cm long with a 106 cm chest.

Can be ironed on low heat.
Machine wash on gentle cycle with TexCare detergent.
Hang to dry.