ESD Static Fabric


Strength of Steel, Softness of Fabric

SKU: 11275


This is an interesting mesh material. Very fine (0.08 mm) rustproof 316L Stainless steel wire is knitted with 40% polyester yarn to create a stretchy fabric that is easy to touch and wash, but wears tough. Highly conductive in transverse direction (2.2 Ohm per sq) and ample 1000 Ohm per sq conductivity longitudinally. Great for static control. Make seat covers, shielded computer covers, overgarments etc. 152 gr/m². 39 inch wide.

ESD Static Fabric (Chain Mail Fabric) can also be used to make great looking medieval chain mail costumes by professional manufacturers and hobbyists alike. Easy to cut and sew, with minimal unraveling at the edges. Washable too. Not for combat applications, but a great costume material for museums, Renaissance fairs, theatrical productions, Halloween and school plays.

Thickness: 0.08 mm
Width: 39 inch (1 meter)
Weight: 152 g/m²
Resistivity: 2.2 Ohm/sq.
Color: Black
Base: Polyester
Conductor: Stainless Steel threads

Care Instructions:
Wash in tepid neutral pH solution, mild soap. Air dry or tumble low heat. May use low heat iron. Caution!: The fabric is highly conductive. DO NOT allow the fabric to come in contact with electric wires, outlets or switches. Cover nearby outlets with child safety caps. Does not contain flame retardant, use caution around open flames and heat sources.