Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Workbook


A Guided Journey to Feeling Better. by former EHS victim Angela Hobbs

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is so much more than an allergy and treating it as little else dooms it’s victims to small worlds and big hits. Although there’s plenty of ‘allergy’ in electrosensitivity, there’s also a whole lot more to it. Recovery demands that we understand and work with it in a broader context. It demands a lot more than simply avoiding electrical equipment and wireless devices.

In this Workbook Angela Hobbs, a fully recovered EHS victim, takes the reader through her ‘groundbreaking’ approach to healing from this poorly understood sensitivity. Step by step we’re lead to a better understanding of why we’re sensitive, what we’re reacting to and how to become significantly less bothered by this hidden foe. January 2012, 50 pages spiral bound.

‘The EHS Workbook’ claims to show you how to:

  • right-size your recovery toolkit – because EHS is so much more than an allergy
  • tidy-up all the the informational cues that burden your body
  • reduce the electromagnetic spectrum’s strength
  • make delicious, hot meals without a kitchen
  • create and follow your healing pathway
  • waste less time being dysfunctional
  • be less isolated and feel better fast