E-Field Sensor Alarm


Check for the Presence of Electric Fields Before Grounding!

SKU: 40403


The E-Field Sensor Alarm is a remarkably simple yet effective tool designed to alert users to the presence and intensity of AC electric fields.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Sensitivity Levels: Distinguishes five different electric field strengths. <10, 10+, 40+, 80+, and 250+ volts per meter, allowing for precise monitoring.
  • Audible Alerts: Features an audible tone that increases in loudness as the electric field strength grows.
  • Directional Detection: Offers targeted detection capabilities, making it ideal for identifying specific sources of electric fields.

Practical Applications:

  • Safety Checks: Quickly check for the presence of live wires, potentially hazardous body voltage inducing electric fields, or identify broken circuits.
  • Shielding Verification: Use this device to demonstrate the effectiveness of electric field shielding solutions in your home or workplace.

Compact and Portable:

  • Measuring just 4.5 x 1.5 inches, this compact device is highly portable and easy to use anywhere. It operates on a single 9V battery (not included).

Whether you are a professional electrician, a health and safety inspector, or simply a concerned homeowner, the Electric Field Detector Alarm provides a reliable way to detect and evaluate electric fields with ease.

Stay informed and protected with the Electric Field Detector Alarm, your dependable companion for electrical field detection.