Dream Canopy


Great Value! Extremely sheer and transparent.

SKU: 30342


The Dream Canopy is a top choice for radiofrequency protection. With its versatile design, this RF shielding canopy offers excellent air circulation and impressive shielding from 30-45dB. It effectively lowers exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other wireless signals, as well as electric fields.

Canopy includes an easy-access slit for effortless entry and exit. It’s ideal for beds and can also be used over a couch, workstation, or your favorite lounger. Moreover, it’s lightweight, weighing just about a pound, making it easy to carry on trips.

The King size RF shielding canopy easily covers a bunk bed, providing extensive protection. It comes in a stylish dark gray and doubles as a mosquito net, adding both elegance and function to any space. Includes a ground cord, stainless steel ceiling hook, and support ring for quick setup.

Made from delicate, 100% pure silver-coated nylon, which requires minimal washing to maintain its effectiveness.

**Although the material significantly reduces exposure to RF, mesh fabrics cannot completely stop cell phone signals – phones will still ring inside the canopy. (Bringing a cell phone or RF source inside the canopy is not recommended.) The proper way to test effectiveness would be to use an RF meter.

Choose from two sizes:

  • Twin/Single/Crib: Stands 7.5 feet tall with a 26-foot base perimeter.
  • Full/King: Rises to 8.2 feet with a 39-foot perimeter. Both styles taper elegantly towards the top, merging functionality with sleek design.

Choose our Dream Canopy for a blend of superior protection, style, and practicality, ensuring an environment shielded from RF and other electromagnetic fields.