Dr Gauss/Gauss Master


Popular EMF Meter with Sound

SKU: 40130


The Dr Gauss/Gauss Master is a compact and user-friendly ELF Magnetic Field Detector. Designed to measure low-frequency magnetic radiation from power lines, computers, and household appliances. Essential for anyone concerned about EMF exposure.

Key Features:

  • Sensitive Measurement: Accurately detects ELF magnetic fields in the 50 – 60 Hz frequency range. It’s calibrated to show areas exceeding the advised safety threshold of 2.5 milli-Gauss.
  • Easy to Use: Features an easy-to-read scale with two ranges (0-1 mG and 0-10 mG), complemented by a dramatic audio signal that helps pinpoint the sources of magnetic fields.
  • Practical Design: Hand-held, lightweight, and durable, making it ideal for both professionals and hobbyists. The built-in auto shut-off ensures prolonged battery life.

Enhanced Usability:

  • Audio Feedback: The unique audio signal intensifies with field strength, making it an excellent tool for educational demonstrations or even paranormal investigations.
  • Power Efficient: Operates on a single 9V battery (not included) and includes an auto shut-off feature to conserve power.

Whether you’re demonstrating the presence of dangerous EMFs, assessing the safety of your living environment, or exploring unexplained phenomena, the Dr Gauss/Gauss Master provides the functionality and ease of use you need.