DC/AC Gaussmeter IDR325


Magnetic field strength with frequency!

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So, what magnetic fields do you want to measure? AC? DC? Need frequency information too? This meter does all that and more! Simultaneous digital readout of field strength and predominate frequency, true RMS measurement with peak hold. One-volt full scale analog voltage output, alarm, datalogging up to 32,000 data points, and 3 % error guarantee. External probe. Operates in 1 of 3 modes / ranges: (DC only / 300 G, 100 mG resolution), (AC only 20 (Hz) – 1 (kHz) / 3 kG, 1 G resolution), (AC + DC 0 – 1 kHz / 30 kG, 10 G resolution). Completely portable. A padded hard case with 4 AA alkaline batteries are included and an optional 6V DC adaptor is available. Choose the axial probe, transverse probe, or both. A zero-gauss chamber is included which helps when zeroing the unit. Made in the USA with a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Great alternative to the FW Bell model 5180, FW Bell model 5170, or the Lakeshore model 410, with the additional features of frequency indication, data logging, and simultaneous AC+DC measurements.