Copper Wire Mesh


When Only Pure Copper Will Do

SKU: 11246


Highly transparent and conductive. Woven pure copper, fine wire mesh is useful for RF and electric field shielding, Faraday cages and grounding. Great for building your own RF shielded Faraday enclosure to test your electronics with no Radio Frequency interference to skew your test results. Mesh is flexible and cuts easily with scissors. Will conform to most shapes or lay flat easily. Can be soldered. Easy to connect a ground cord.

Also very decorative, but susceptible to tarnish. It will turn brown, then green, when exposed to the environment, so definitely not for exterior use.

– 16 wires per inch
– 0.011 inch (0.27mm) Wire Diameter
– 0.051 inch (1.32mm) openings
– 67% open
– 2.3 oz/ft² (0.65 kg/m²)
– Width: 36 inches