CLR – AL60 Wall Shield


2 lin ft, wrinkled

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2 lin ft, wrinkled

Great material for RF, EMI shielding at room temperatures. Cover walls, cables, electric panels and more. Polyester coated, very light weight, tough and flexible, yet easy to cut with scissors. Conductive on one side. Apply to walls, ceilings and other surfaces to achieve ~ 60dB at cell phone frequencies and at least 40dB from 100 MHz to 18 GHz. Use ordinary spray adhesive on wall, then apply AL60, press into place. Leave conductive side exposed for easy grounding. Apply 2 inch wide aluminum tape over the seams. In addition, this material makes very effective shielded pouches, wallets and sleeves. Non-conductive side will hold latex paint fairly well. Will tolerate temps from 32 F to 122 F. Metal is 18 microns. The material is 39″ (1meter) wide.