CLR – Conductive Tubing


7 Pre-cut pieces, totaling ~35 lin ft

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7 Pre-cut pieces, totaling ~35 lin ft

  • 3 lin ft
  • 20″
  • 11.5 lin ft
  • 4 lin ft
  • 7 lin ft
  • 1 lin ft
  • 7 lin ft

Composed of electrically conductive black polyethylene and great for shielding electrical cords. It’s easy to slide any electrical cord (even fits those giant dryer plugs!) through this 4 inch wide (when flat) sleeve without having to remove the plug from the end of the cord. Only 4 mil thick, it won’t hold up to tearing, heat or abuse, but it’s tough enough to do a great job on the lamp cord by your bed, the air conditioner cord, or even cables in your car. Electric field shielding with a surface resistivity < 10^4 Ohm/square. Use a grounding cable, and please be careful when handling electrical cords. Specify desired length.