CLR – Stretch


7 pre-cut pieces, totaling ~8 lin ft

Only 1 left in stock



7 pre-cut pieces, totaling ~8 lin ft:

  • 2 lin ft, with stain
  • 9″
  • 21″ wrinkled
  • 1lin ft
  • 10″
  • 1 lin ft with defect
  • 1 lin ft with stain

This medical grade Silver plated 76% Nylon, 24% elastic fiber fabric offers the unique ability to stretch in both directions. Can be used as an antibacterial wound dressing (note: our material is not sterile) but it also makes a great material for electrode contacts, stretchy hats, socks, gloves, or other garments. Highly conductive, and conductivity increases as it stretches in one direction, and decreases as it stretches in the other direction. Silver coating is 99.9% pure. Silver/gray color. Very unique! 52±2 inch wide

Shielding performance: 30-50 dB, tested from 1-10 GHz
Width: 135 cm wide (52 inches) but varies from lot to lot
Weight: 4.3 oz/yd²
Thickness: 0.40 mm
Stretch: ~100% in length direction; ~65% in width direction
Surface resistivity is < 1 Ohm/sq. (unstretched)
Temperature range: -30 to 90°C